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Key findings of CV outcomes trials with icosapent ethyl

10' education - May 18, 2022 - Prof. Wouter Jukema, MD, PhD - Leiden, The Netherlands


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  • TG and CV risk 0:21
  • CV outcome trials with icosapent ethyl 2:34
  • Identifying the right patients 5:10
  • Remaining questions 6:44
  • Take-home message 8:53

Do you prescribe icosapent ethyl to patients with residual CV risk based on the findings from REDUCE-IT?

  • Yes
  • No

Educational information

This presentation by Wouter Jukema is part of a series titled "CV risk reduction beyond statin therapy: Exploring the role of Icosapent ethyl".


Prof. J. Wouter Jukema, MD is Professor of Cardiology at the Leiden University Medical Center in Leiden, The Netherlands.


This recording was independently developed under auspices of EPCCS. The views expressed in this recording are those of the individual presenter and do not necessarily reflect the views of EPCCS.


Funding for this educational program was provided by an unrestricted educational grant received from Amarin.

The information and data provided in this program were updated and correct at the time of the program development, but may be subject to change.

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