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Slovak Society of General Practice

Oct. 29, 2019

The Slovak Society of General Practice was established in 1979. The first chairman of the professional society was MUDr. František Klimo, the scientific secretary was MUDr. Jaroslava Mosná, MUDr. Jozef Kimlička.

With the establishment of a professional society of general medicine, the efforts and moral work of medical doctors from all over Slovakia culminated. The professional society reached its highest organization in 1991, with 2000 members. Today we register nearly 1500 members. On average, 250 doctors attended national conferences organized twice a year after the company was established. At present, the attendance is repeatedly higher than 1000 registered participants, but the conference is held once a year (traditionally the second week of October).

The Slovak Society of General Medicine became a member of the European Society of General Practitioners (SIMG) and, following the merger of SIMG with WONCA (World Organization of Family and General Practitioners), became a WONCA member - since 1982 as an associate member of WONCA. 2016 accepted us as a full member. Full membership in WONCA guarantees us participation in conferences around the world, but also participation of the most prominent lecturers in our educational events. As a new member of WONCA and a member of EFPC (European Primary Care Forum) in 2016, we were invited to the EMA (European Medicines Agency) meeting in London with first contact physicians from the European region. EMA is an advisory body to the European Health Commission and falls under the European Parliament. On behalf of the committee, MUDr. Štefan Krnáč. By becoming a full member of WONCA, we have gradually filled all sections of WONCA with the decision of the Committee.

Young Practitioners led by MUDr. Petr Lipovský are also active in the international cooperation of junior doctors' first contact organizations in Europe. They belong to the Vasco da Gama Movement, which annually organizes meetings of young practitioners as part of the VdGM preconference, which precedes the European WONCA (World Organization for Family and General Practitioners) conference.

The Clinic of Emergency and General Medicine was established at the Faculty of Medicine in Bratislava in 2013 under the leadership of prof. MD. Ota Masar, PhD. Our members participate in lectures with no claim to fees and thus popularize our field among students. They are also the authors of the first university textbook: “Selected Chapters from General Medicine for Medical Students”, which are available electronically on the Faculty of Medicine website and were also handed over free of charge to doctors who attended our annual conference in the Tatras 2015. We also attend medical students in two-week internships and we like to share our knowledge with residents during their 6-month internship.

In order to advocate the interests of general practitioners, but also to support primary health care for our patients, our members also take part in meetings at the health insurance companies or the Ministry of Health.

We commented on the WHO Workforce 2030 material, which will support the development of our industry in the coming years. We believe that the cap payment will cover the minimum operating costs of our outpatient clinics. We call for the current network of outpatient clinics to be supported and expanded. First of all, it is necessary to support outpatient clinics in remote areas (approx. 30%) in order to ensure universal and fair coverage of healthcare.

In cooperation with the civic association SLOVAK PATIENT, we have been popularizing prevention through various projects since 2015. Our members have shot videos about the correct use of antibiotics, we have supported printing and distribution of posters to the waiting room to support preventive screening, the patient should know before visiting a doctor. Regularly a representative of the civic association Slovak Patient performs at the annual conferences of SSVPL in Starý Smokovec. His contributions promote communication between doctors and patients.

The civic association supports the importance of primary practice by drafting and publishing articles on this topic on its website with a visit rate of 250,000 visits per month.

Over the past two years, our company has managed to organize two major international conferences - EQuiP and WONCA Europe conference which was held in Bratislava 2019.

This year we celebrated XXXX. “birthday” Aniversary of our society during Annula Conference which is held every year in High Tatras. This year the number of participants was more than 800 Gps from Slovakia, 200 nurseries from Slovakia. Actually the number of member of the SSGP is 1400. Total number of general practitioners is 2400 in Slovakia.

Current president of SSGP: Peter Makara

Vice-president and country representative WONCA. Michaela Macháčová MD (EPCCS Council Member for Slovakia)


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