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U-Prevent helps to assess individual CV risk and treatment effect

10' education - July 3, 2019 - Jannick Dorresteijn, MD, PhD

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  • Translating effects from scientific literature to the doctor's office: which factors play a role? 0:37
  • Guideline recommendations on risk assessment in different patient groups 2:15
  • The distribution of risk in vascular patients is very broad - how to deal with this 3:53
  • Decision aid tool to choose the right risk assessment tool for the right patient 4:49
  • U-Prevent: establish personal risk profiles for different groups of patients  5:36
  • Assessing lifetime CV risk with the U-Prevent-tool 8:23

For which patient category do you consider U-Prevent most useful?

  • 1. Healthy people <50 years old
  • 2. Elderly >70 years old
  • 3. Vascular patients with residual risk
  • 4. Diabetes patients with additional risk factors

Educational information

PACE-CME follows the development of risk calculators. This video addresses the shift towards more personalized risk assessment, and more specifically what the online U-PREVENT tool has on offer and which calculators it encompasses.


Jannick Dorresteijn, MD, PhD - Fellow vascular medicine, Universitair Medisch Centrum Utrecht, The Netherlands


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