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May Measurement Month: Get involved to increase awareness on elevated blood pressure

3' education - Feb. 6, 2019 - Prof. Neil Poulter - Imperial College London, United Kingdom

Neil Poulter stresses that, although high BP is considered a boring topic by some, it is crucial to be aware of it before it can be treated properly. He shares successes of previous editions of May Measurement month and is determined to make it a success again in 2019. You too, can get involved in raising awareness.

Educational information

Awareness of elevated blood pressure is too low among both patients and physicians, given that it puts persons at elevated risk of CV disease. May Measurement Month is an international effort to raise awareness on the importance of knowing one's blood pressure.


Prof. Neil Poulter, FMedSci, cardiologist, Faculty of Medicine, National Heart & Lung Institute; Professor of Preventive Cardiovascular Medicine, Imperial College London, United Kingdom, Member of the Executive Board and President Elect of the International Society of Hypertension


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