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EPCCS Council further shapes ambitions to improve primary CV care

EPCCS Council

News - Oct. 25, 2018

General Practitioners from 20 countries representing their national primary care society as EPCCS Council member attended the second stand-alone EPCCS Council meeting held in Berlin on October 10-11, 2018. The EPCCS Council welcomed six new member countries: Belgium, Denmark, Montenegro, Poland, Russia and Turkey. Its membership is now expanded to 25 member countries.

A poll among EPCCS Council members indicated that about 90% of patients with cardiovascular and cardiometabolic disease are managed within primary care. It was estimated that 4 out of every 10 patients in primary care practice present with cardiovascular related disease. For an individual general practitioner it can therefore be challenging to provide the best and latest evidence-based care to patients.

The EPCCS Council aspires to play an important role at the European level; by connecting national leaders in primary CV care and facilitating support, education exchange and providing practical guidance. All council members will become active in promoting EPCCS activities within their countries via their societies and other national networks.

During this Council meeting, discussions were held about how EPCCS can help individual doctors across Europe, in staying up-to-date and providing optimal CV care. Members shared experiences about CV management in their respective countries (presentations about organization of care can be found on the country pages) and express what their colleagues might need to be able to provide optimal care for their CV patients. Active contributions further shaped the ambitions of the EPCCS Council. Although it is appreciated that there are differences in circumstances between countries, the common theme is that members can benefit from exchange and collaboration.

EPCCS aims to translate specialist guidance on prevention and management of CVD to daily clinical practice in primary care. Indeed, the Council members indicated that specialist guidance is not optimally suited for use by general practitioners. EPPCS therefore develops Practical Guidance documents, which are specifically adapted for use in primary care. Several translations of the EPCCS Guidance documents are already available, and Council members will continue to provide translations in other languages. Country-specific appendices will be provided on the country pages where appropriate.

Council members are also actively involved in the shaping and fine-tuning of the agenda of the 2019 Annual EPCCS Summit to be held on March 21-22 in Lisbon. It was also discussed that the outreach of this meeting can be expanded by the opportunity for online participation, for those who cannot attend in person.

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