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Management of CV risk that comes with T2DM in light of novel treatment options

10' education - Mar. 15, 2018 - EPCCS 2018, Barcelona, Spain - Dr. Carlos Brotons, prof. Xavier Cos, prof. Richard Hobbs

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  • Safety trials of novel classes of antidiabetic drugs have yielded surprising insights 01:15
  • In addition to glucose reduction, the novel drugs now give additional CV benefit 04:12
  • Glucose targets remain essential for prevention of microvascular complications 05:58
  • The mechanisms of the CV benefit obtained with the novel agents remains unclear 07:16
  • Personalising medicine may mean to loosen treatment targets in some patient subsets 09:18
  • There is increasing insight into which patients groups may respond best to treatment 11:04
  • Sharing and dividing tasks: how to organise clinical diabetes care 14:07

Educational information

This video was recorded during the two-day EPCCS CV Summit and aims to give an impression of the presentation given by prof. Cos.


Dr. Carlos Brotons - Sant Pau Institute of Biomedical Research, Barcelona, Spain

Prof. Xavier Cos - Autonomous University of Barcelona, Barcelona, Spain. He is drector of Sant Martí Primary Health Centres (Catalonian National Health Service) Barcelona,Spain. Dr. Cos' main areas of interest are Research and Education in Primary Care with a special emphasis on the Diabetes field.

Prof. Richard Hobbs - Oxford, United Kingdom. Prof Richard Hobbs is currently Professor and Head of the Department of Primary Health Care. He is the Director of the NIHR National School for Primary Care Research (2009-) and he is the chair of EPCCS.


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