European Primary Care Cardiovascular Society

What is the evidence base for lipid modification in the guidelines updates?

Feb. 24, 2016 - Prague - EPCCS 2015

Richard Hobbs (Oxford, UK) and Arno Hoes (Utrecht, The Netherlands) summarise the lively discussion after Hoes' talk on dilemmas in lipid-lowering in primary care.

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  • Lipid-related dilemmas GPs are faced with in every day practice. 0:01
  • LDL is a therapeutic target. But what about HDL? 1:07
  • What specific LDL target should we be aiming for? 1:49
  • How to manage patients with high LDL-c, in light of the targets? 2:47
  • Debunking some old myths around statins.  4:23